Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Being an electronic music blog, people find it surprising that we tarnish the music industry by simply giving music away. Here's the real scoop, we are not a bunch of pirates. Our goal at ilictronix is to flourish the community with music in order to allow our viewers to discover new types of sound and further their music collections.

The Internet is a big place, and by streaming music, we are simply creating a bridge between us and our fan base, allowing them to hear the music we are talking about, in order to get a better idea of what exactly we are trying to do. We put download links for the tracks not to give deals, but to allow the music to be shared so more and more people can appreciate it.

We put the utmost care that the music we post is not thought of a business venture, that is, we do not want people to visit our blog in hopes to save a few bucks. Music is about the experience, not the economy. We put our trust into our viewers that they are responsible with the music we provide to them. Again, we are not a bunch of pirates, just a bunch of music-loving ordinary people. Of course, we are always willing to remove any tracks that may offend or harm anyone. If you have a request for a track removal, please let me know via email (which you can find to your right in the 'team ilictronix' section) and I will comply as soon as possible.

Please listen responsibly,
Claude Van Foxbat


I'm so boring, i almost died. said...

To the person above, get a grip. If you don't like the website or agree with it, don't go on it. Personally, i think this website is great, provides a few songs of artists you might not know, allowing you to sample their stuff and then buy more of their stuff if you like it. Like free advertising.

If you hadn't noticed there is a smallish, amateur website, called youtube where its the easiest thing in the world to download music from. I hardly think someone who's being selective of what they put on their blog is as big a supplier as youtube of free music.

I hope the blog remains the same and boring old farts like yourself who are so concerned with political correctness, leave.

Goodbye and don't come back.

prez jordan said...

Thanks for the comment, but I removed the other comment you're referring to. I want my viewers to have a voice, but saying it anonymously is something else. Leave an name, email, myspace or anything and I'll keep it