Sunday, 28 September 2008

Does You Like Paprkraft?

Well I do, I'm an origami nerd. After wandering around /po/ on 4chan (papercraft & origami), I came across a little portal cut-and-paste that I took liking to.

The diagram can be found on tubbypaws's blogspot (

First, I printed the given JPG on cardstock (I used beige because I didn't have any white)

Next, I pricisely cut out all edges, this took about a half hour.

Then, I took a Q-Tip and painted the flaps with glue lightly and held each bond together for a short while.

The process all-together took me about an hour, but I did a painstaking job. It ends up being about 2.5" wide and 2.5" deep and about 1.75" tall, so it's tiny. Be careful not to rip or overglue anything, the parts are quite small.

So, if you're a papercraft connoisseur, I recommend trying this Portal project.




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Boba said...

I'd rather do a Boba Fett project.
And I am.
I'm starting work on a Boba Fett helmet.