Saturday, 27 September 2008

Songs To Walk To (Part Three)

Gah I've been too busy, maybe I should hire another writer. I'm sure you guys don't mind that I skip days, though.

Anyway, today's song to walk to comes from my favorite French Electro-House-Christian-Club Band Justice. A month ago, I posted their remix of As Above, So Below. Well, I think this remix may combat that one. Not to mention it's fantastic to walk to. I have to admit, a few turns are a little "weird-stepped," but the song as a whole screams "badass."

So here it is, Justice's remix of ZZT's "Lower State of Conciousness." I apologize for the faulty track track name (simply ZZT Remix), but iTunes was weird in copying this track to my Desktop. Oh Well.

Justice - Lower State Of Conciousness RMX [right click to download]

Enjoy (another song to walk to will be posted shortly)


Champiness said...

I never really like this one for some reason... not Justice-y enough.

Boba said...

I have to agree with champi. I don't like it.

Jordan Scales said...

:(, well not all tracks can be good

sorry to disappoint