Sunday, 19 October 2008

A Decent Article!

Well I promised viewer content and I was actually on schedule for once!

Enjoy, courtesy of Boba

Boba Fettuccini here, bringing you another blast from the past of dance music. Heh… I love saying that. “Blast from the past”…

This time around, I’ve got a track from Commodores, a 70’s and 80’s funk/soul band. Personally, I wouldn't classify today’s track with either of those genres, but hey, I don’t decide that kind of stuff.
To start things off, I’ll fill you in on the short story of how I found it. Shortly after getting a turntable several months ago, I went to the local Half Priced Books to check out the records. I was new, and I didn’t know what I wanted, so I figured I’d let my mom help me, since she liked dance music back in the day. She went through the clearance, pulling out things like Styx, The Alan Parsons Project, and Phil Collins (which btw are all terrific bands, even if they aren’t really ‘dance’ music) while I went through the 12’’ single section, and then later the A’s, B’s and C’s. I found a certain promo in the 12’’ singles section that caught my attention. It was Commodores: Animal Instinct (Club Mix). I said “Hey mom, were the Commodores any good?” and she says, “Yeah, they were ok. Go ahead and grab it, you’ll probably like it.” So I grabbed it, put it in the basket. I found some other treasures that evening, but I suppose I can leave those all for later.
Now to talk about the Commodores themselves. Originally called the “Jays”, the Commodores consisted of a bunch of people who met as freshmen at the then Tuskegee Institute, now Tuskegee University, and got some notice when they opened for The Jackson 5 on tour. As I mentioned before, they were originally the Jays. It seems there was a group called the O’Jays, and that was just too similar to be comfortable, so one of the members opened a dictionary, pointed, and Commodores became the new name. Over the years, the Commodores roster included Walter Orange, William King, J.D. Nicholas, Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary, Ronald La Pread, Milan Williams, and Sheldon Reynolds. You may recognize a couple of those names from other places. Slowly, allll these people started leaving; Richie left, closely followed by McClary who decided to go solo (and was replaced by Reynolds), then LaPread left for New Zealand, and Reynolds went off to go be part of Earth, Wind, And Fire. After Milan left, the group ditched the whole funk/soul thing and went for pop. Today, the group consists of Orange, King, and Nicholas.
And so we come to our track: Animal Instinct (Club Mix). A nice, cheesy club song featuring vocoders and stereotypical love song lyrics. Enjoy!

"But Jordan! I send you articles and you only post Boba's!!!!"
Well, Boba sent me 4 articles in the first week this blog was set up, so chances are yours are newer, be patient.

As for the track, here you go. It's one of the best I've heard in a long long time.

Commodores - Animal Instinct (Club Mix) [right click to download]

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Boba said...

I found a typo... at the top, that's supposed to be 'wouldn't', not 'would'.

Explanation: once funk went all synthesizer, it wasn't as funky, and no longer deserved to be called funk. IMO.