Saturday, 4 October 2008

My Review of Nebula

As you know, I am obsessed with thedaftclub. Well, the owner of said site, Spud in Disguise, has asked me to write an article on his new EP. Nebula by Auteur Theory.

Being a UK House band, I was extremely excited to listen to their tracks. The first one I listened to was the remix of Radiohead's Reckoner. Although it was a little light for my taste (it's a Radiohead remix so what should I expect?), it was still phenomenal. Going into this EP, I expected some light house...I was suprised.

So to the point, I just downloaded (legally) Nebula EP. I am currently listening to it and I am going to write a review as I go. Taboo? Who cares. I recommend listening to the tracks yourself, even though I have nothing negative to say about this album. The link to the EPs can be found of AT's muzicom page. (

The perfect blend of raw and light. The first track on the EP, I was suprised on its non-ambience, which was still a good thing. This song has all the parts of a good, solid house track. A short, catchy bass riff to start out with some powerful bass drum in the background. Then suddenly, the track becomes more intense, developing as you continue to listen. The build up of the track really catches your attention and the randomness in the repitition keeps things interesting. The album is starting to look awfully good. The background synthpads also add a nice touch and harmony to the song as a whole.

A harp-sounding opening? I'm already intrigued. Similar to the first track, a build up and the addition of steady drums really makes the song mold together well. The riff is extremely catchy and keeping me listening. It's somewhat ambient, but still has true House roots. A truly beautiful song, I can imagine many images in my head while listening to this. Halfway through, the song becomes more intense, but doesn't lose it's cool. Towards the end, the song truly begins to grow on you. Definitely one of my favorite tracks of 2008, I must say.

Chasing Clouds
This track was good, but just didn't grab my attention as roughly as the other two tracks. The riff is a little shaky, but the who feel of the song is still powerful. It's extremely rhythmic and the filter sweeps create a nice harmonic tone. Although not as poweful as the other two, it's still very well put together. I wish the opening were a bit stronger as well.

Ocean of Storms
Slightly better than the previously mentioned track, but does not compete with the other two tracks. Keep in mind that is simply my taste, and I'm trying to be as harsh as I can as to not sound like a happy little schoolgirl. The backround pads made an excellent appearance in this song and the opening was quite powerful. I also liked the drum beats in this song, they fit extremely well with the riffs, which were extremely catchy.

So that's my review of Auteur Theory's Nebula EP. To be honest, it is one of the greatest House tracks I own, and I mean that in complete honesty. I hope you guys download the mp3s from the afformentioned link above and take a listen to the tracks.

Oh and before a forget, here is their remix of Radiohead's Reckoner. It is quite fantastic.

If you like the remix, vote for it in the Radiohead Remix competition.

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Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

i love how all the songs just seem to mix into one clusterfuck of awesomeness