Thursday, 16 October 2008

New Poll

Well polls are back!

I've been posting since late August, and I've posted about 40 in total (41 to be exact). So I was just wondering, are you guys getting anything out of it? So this week's poll deals with the amount of music you've discovered thanks to me.



Boba said...

About 1.5 out of every 4 tracks is something I've never head before. the next .5 is stuff I've heard before, but never thought to look into deeper. The rest is stuff I knew about.

Champiness said...

A fair bit heavier on the tracks I've discovered, but otherwise the same as Boba.
What, may I ask, was the Email you mentioned last time?

ilictronix said...

click EMAIL ME under the contact section

Champiness said...

... I mean to say, you said you got a specific message you wanted to put up.