Friday, 10 October 2008


To rub off all the reminants of trance still left on this blog, I'm going to upload some good ol' french house.

"But Jordan, you always fucking do house! Do some cool stuff!" Well, fat kid, this song is different than most House I've posted; it's especially Disco-y. Like I know I posted Disco Dynamite recently, but this defeats that. To be honest, this is one of the most danceable songs I own.

From Crydamoure's 'Waves," this song is produced by the especailly ugly part of Daft Punk, Guilliame Manuel de Homem Cristo. It is written by Sedat, who has no other tracks that I own, so if you own some, send em my way!

Other than that, enjoy.

Sedat - The Turkish Avenger [right click to download]

Hopefully tonight I'll have a Boba article, otherwise I'll post it tomorrow, I'm gonna be out for the larger part of the day.

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