Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wednesday Special

Starting today, every Wednesday will be known as "My Weekly Obsession."

What the hell is that? you may be asking. Well to start off I listen to many many types of music. And frequently, I come across songs I simply cannot stop listening to. These are my weekly obsessions. So now, every Wednesday I will post my weekly obsession. You may see doubles, but don't fret. It all depends on my mood!

So my first obsession is by my band of the week MSTRKRFT. I first showed you their song Work On You, but I actually showed you a remix and not an actual song by them. Anyway, this week I got their album "The Looks" and I recommend it to anyone. It has a techno-ish electro feel that's just uber. Anyway, my obsession this week is from that album, and it is known as "Easy Love."

Why is it my obsession? The lyrics and the catchy beat give it such a perfect flow that I cannot stop listening to it. So here it is!

MSTRKRFT - Easy Love [right click to download]

Enjoy and be sure to comment

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