Monday, 17 November 2008

Body Crash!!!!!

Well I've been obsessed with MSTRKRFT lately, so I've been doing some research...

Anyway, today's track is yet another remix. I like it alot, and I'm not sure why I neglected to post it.

The song is Body Crash by Buy Now and it is a remix by JFK, the better half of MSTRKRFT. Just by listening to the track, you can make out the beats and styling used in many MSTRKFRT tracks. So here it is, one of the greatest techno-electro songs I own. The quality seems poor, but that's just the song.

Buy Now - Body Crash (JFK Edit) [right click to download]


EDIT: On my browser, the quality is pretty poor and the song seems to die in and die out alot. I've replaced the track multiple times to no improvement. I may've hit a bandwith limit. Haha. If you want, just download the mp3 and you'll be set.

1 comment:

Champiness said...

Excellent tune. Heard a Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix that bettered the original as well.