Saturday, 8 November 2008

Remix Whores [Quatre]

Today I am going to show you the best remix ever made in the history of the universe.

Not to steal his credit or anything, but the original song was so fanstically good, that a remix of it is already flawless. So to sign off "Remix Whores," I present you with a track I've been dying to post.

Jordan Scales - Ravage (Boba Fettuccini's Ravaged Lands RMX) [right click to download]

Note: I am going to post many remixes in the future, so don't think just because Remix Whores is over that the remixes are also over. My fifth remix track was going to be Miss Your Tape by The Phantom's Revenge, but I already posted that :-(

Also, if you want, feel free to remix Ravage and send it to me. It will make me super duper happy.

1 comment:

Boba said...

I think I'm going to pull a SebastiAn here, and do a re-remix. I've improved tenfold since I made that mix, and I'm 100% sure I can make something along the same lines, but a bit more flowing.