Saturday, 1 November 2008

Remix Whores [Un]

Today's track marks the start of my next theme, Remix Whores.

What this theme contains is what I feel are the best remixes I own. I must admit, they are rather popular (most of them). So don't consider this is a discovery theme. I hope to post at least four remixes in no particular order, from different artists. I hope the newbs out there are enlightened by this theme.

Anyway, to kick things off is our good French pals Justice. I've posted 2 remixes by them already, 1 successful and 1 not, so I hope this gets your attention. It is a remix of Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen" and it is great. I was disappointed by the Daft Punk edit of Take Me Out, but this FF remix really put me in a good place haha. So enjoy and comment!!!

Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Justice Edit) [right click to download]


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