Saturday, 29 November 2008


I know I know, I was supposed to write an article about FruityLoops, well I didn't find the time.

Anyway, I have a crapload of viewer content to get through, so tomorrow I'm going to write that FL article and then after that publish some content.

As for today, I have a ridiculous track to share. I know nothing about this artist, only that this song is amazing. I wish I could give you some background, but I really can't. The songs pretty much techno, but starts out a little DnB. Who cares though, the song is good.

Shinichi Osawa - Detonator [right click to download]


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Champiness said...

I know a little more about him, in that this is an artist who's remixed Digitalism's Pogo and covered Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers