Saturday, 6 December 2008

I'm Not Dead!!!

Sorry guys, just a little emergency was going on, but everything's sorted out now. Sorry for my absence.

So before I left, I hinted that I would write an article on FL Studio...Well, my friend was fooling around and made a track in FL, so I'm going to post that now. Tomorrow I will have a meaningful article on FruityLoops.

Kevin Lakhani - Funky [right click to download]

Enjoy and see you tomorrow bright and early


Champiness said...

That's actually a pretty good track. Not particularly funky, though; it needs a name that suits it better.

Boba said...

It's... trance. But slower.

Kevin Lakhani said...

yeah I needed to save it as something when I started making it so i just called it funky and kept the name even though it doesn't fit lol

oh and boba, its 135 bpm if i remember correctly, good tempo for dancing