Monday, 29 December 2008

IRC is up

Well, I decided to spend a few minutes registering ilictronix its very own IRC channel. I know the blog isn't that popular, but I'm sure we'll have some people in there.

If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about...IRC is a chat system that allows you to join IRC servers and channels to talk to others. It does not require any sign up, but you can reserve a nick name if you'd like.

The server I have registered on is FreeNode ( And the channel name is #ilictronix. If you'd like to stop by and chat, since the ShoutBox is annoying, simply get an IRC client, such as XChat, and connect to channel #ilictronix.

If you don't feel like downloading stuff, simply go to, enter a nickname to chat with, and enter ilictronix in the channel box to connect.

I'll be hanging around the server frequently, but I'll be there a lot between 7 and 9 PM EST (12 and 2 AM GST). So stop by and we'll chat it up. I think we can get a good amount of people chatting at once if we all decide to connect at around 7 EST. Bots will be added soon, so you'll have something to do haha.


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