Thursday, 22 January 2009

Escape From Planet Monday - DJ Fresh.

DJ Fresh (Dan Stein) is not your average DnB artist. He doesnt just put a beat with a simple melody and call it a song. In a genre where a lot of music sounds exactly the same, DJ Fresh is - forgive me for this - fresh.

Escape From Planet Monday starts out nicely and sets itself apart from other DnB albums with songs like The Pink Panther, which features a solo flute, along with All That Jazz which is quite a catchy track. However, there's something missing at this point, the album is good but its lacking

Track #5, Closer vs DJ Shadow, is where this album goes from mediocre to a whole lot of fun. Closer vs DJ Shadow, X-Project, The Immortal, Submarines (Domestic Cold War), and Funk Academy are excellent tracks (and are all one after the other). These tracks are where the album peaks to become something special. These are songs that aren't boring and repetetive and are all different - no cookie-cutter tracks!

After this, the album slows down a little, but its still got some good momentum going. All Strung Out (Thunder VIP) is much closer to your average DnB and Throw feat. Neil Tennant, is a very relaxed song that finishes the album up nicely.

Although I am a little dissapointed with how this album begins, I have to say that this is a quality piece of work. Check out the tracks posted below, and if you like them, check out the CD! Or go to and search for other tracks I mentioned here. Or listen to some other tracks by DJ Fresh.

But, no matter what you do, COMMENT AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

- Kevin

DJ Fresh - X-Project [right click to download]

DJ Fresh - Funk Academy [right click to download]

DJ Fresh - The Pink Panther [right click to download]


Mr. Brown said...

I'm kinda into DnB, so I already heard the two first songs, all of them are pretty fresh (meaning no pendulum, thank god). Although I like it when the songs have a little extra punch, like a throbbing bass, just my opinion :p Nice tunes

Boba Fettuccini said...

I have to say I like Pendulum better. These tracks may not be as mainstreamed, but Pendulum got to be where they are for a reason.

Champiness said...

It's hard to argue they're bad, however. I like clever D'n'B in comparison to the kind that completely shreds.

Kevin L. said...

I agree with Boba that Pendulum got where they are for a reason, Hold Your Colour is one of my favorite albums and they put out a lot of quality stuff.

I think a lot of DnB has become monotonous though, some of the Drum & Bass Arena cd's are filled with music that all sounds the same...boooring