Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Are you ready?

I recently saw this videoclip from Ready for the floor by Hot Chip (a British electropop band) and was pleasantly surprised.

The song can be found here:

Hot Chip - Ready For the Floor [right click to download]

It's been a while since I saw one of those well crafted videoclips that go perfectly with the song. Not just some muscled guy surrounded by big breasted babes or a band performing at a high school prom.

This got me thinking: what about all those well crafted revolutionary videoclips everybody forgot? It might be good idea to bring em back and why not vote to see which videoclip is the greatest of all time. Everyone gets to nominate their favourite clip (just post them in the comments). And when we gathered the best of the best... It's voting time.

I want to be the first to nominate: Daft Punk - Around the world

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Gymtonic said...

Weeellll... I would have picked Around The World too, but Da Funk is just as good XD

Champiness said...

In response to your idea, I'll put up a video that's the essence of fun and beauty:
Underworld - Two Months Off

prez jordan said...

good stuff, i know this from the LouisLaRoche TenMinMix

Joe said...

Soulwax did an awesome dub remix of Ready For The Floor, so there's something for you to look out for. That said however, I still stand by my argument that Hot Chip dress like nu-rave paedophile math teachers.

In response to the "cool videos thing", WHY HAS NO ONE MENTIONED THIS YET?

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

Mr. Brown said...

Oh yeah I love that video, and about the DUB, I wanted to post it... you my sir are a psycic.
And about their outfits, haven't you heard "nerdy" is the new trend :p