Monday, 19 January 2009


Heh, you probably thought i was going to say some bad news. Or not, really.

Anyway, my first track on this blog is made by a French bloke named Danger. And guess what: He likes pyramids too! Look:

See? But thats not a Daft Punk influence, thats a Ancient Egypt influence.
This guy also does his own animations and tons of other weird stuff. Seriously, if you check his Myspace, you may end up in a hospital bed, with the seizures it might give becuase of the flashing background.

And he is pretty much an Electro dude. Only has released an EP, but he is preparing an album and a new EP. Cant wait.

Some say he has a lot of similarities with Kavinsky, but to be honest, i think they are nothing alike.

So, heres the track of the day, an electro-banger with some hip-hop vocals, with the awesome name of simply 00h00.

Danger - 00h00 [right click to download]




ilictronix said...

Amazing track, and also just letting you know you the track wouldn't play because you left the second TRACKNAME and playerID's blank. I fixed it though. Make sure you carefully read the email from me about posting tracks.

Mr. Brown said...

nice tune