Monday, 19 January 2009

Feel the Silence...

Well, with "Prez" Jordan's recent announcement, my little treasure of a first track fits snugly into his quota. It's a beast of a raver, and let me inform you that if you don't have it on your iPod when you go to Ibiza, they'll kick you off the island. Really.

This song has a long story behind it, which is not personal but is certainly very interesting. Technically, the track is by "World Electro" band Delerium, with help from Folk singer Sarah McLachlan, but would've never achieved its chart-topping success outside of its remixed form by dime-a-dozen Trance group Airscape. While the track is exceptional, there is a special reason behind it being my first posted track: it never could have been achieved without all three artists working together perfectly.

I'll show you: if it had been just Sarah and Delerium (which actually happened), it'd be a somewhat odd Ambient track that got cast aside with the rest of their repertoire, save for amongst a few diehard Deleirum fans. Had it been only Sarah and Airscape, the ethereal lyrics we hear would not be present, and some sort of whining about a lost boyfriend would likely be in its place, as it is with most hyperravers of its kind. Meanwhile, with just Delerium and Airscape, there would be no vocals whatsoever, and in order to make the remix Airscape would have had to put their beat behind one of the odd World elements. However, when all three participate, you get an absolutely wonderful song that becomes worthy of my posting.

Similarly, if we, as members of Team Ilictronix (if you aren't, just think that I'm speaking to those who are) didn't work together towards our goal of putting good tracks such as this out there, there'd be no point for the blog's existence. Didn't I bring that around nicely?

Now, without further ado, here's the song:

Delerium - Silence (Airscape Remix) [right click to download]

Reminding you to believe in a sense of wonder,
Champi :)


prez jordan said...

Try not to have a giant text block.

Divide it with spaces.

Like this.

Boba Fettuccini said...

Giant text blocks discourage your brain from reading it, so it's more inclined to just skip it all. That's why the paragraph was invented.

Kevin L. said...

lol i liked that little speach of yours

and even though i normally dont read things that arent blocked out, i actually read yours easily

Champiness said...

Thanks. I'll remember to space it in the future.