Sunday, 18 January 2009


Im guessing your wondering why are there 3 writers on this blog now. And the answer is simple:
Look down to the last 3 or 4 posts and you'll get there.

I'm fortunate enough to be one of those writers now. And now it's me, Jordan nad Mr.Brown.

And who am I?

My name is Alexandre Queirós aka amq, amq55 and amq909. Im a 15 year old (16 in April) portuguese student. A very lazy student mind.
Im in the 10th grade, which i think is the equivelent to being a freshman in high school. Im also a part of a special english and informatics course, but thats another story.

You may know me from such places as The Daft Club, TBK Light, Trackmania Nations Forever and (if you can actually understand anything of what im saying) school.

Now to what really matters: Music.

My likings go from French House to pumping Electro, and also like some Rock every now and then.
Favorite artists are mainly: Daft Punk, Justice, Muse, The Bloody Beetroots, Goose, Roulé, Crydamoure, Ratatat, etc...

I'd give you a track now, but i still haven't got the details for the blog's FileDen account. *hint hint*

BTW, if you see some errors in my writing, screw you, im not British, or American, or Australian. Im Portuguese.

And that's my intro post.

Thanks a bundle to Jordan for letting me in and congrats to Mr.Brown and whoever else makes it into the team.

Happy reading, your foreigner,

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