Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mashups Redux

As a follow-up to Mr. Brown's post, I have a track that is one of the most famous OFFICIAL mashups ever.

It was "produced" by Ghent superduo Soulwax, under their 2 Many DJ's alias, and opened their As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 album, a very famous CD made almost entirely of mashups. It's a fun medley of the aformentioned Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) performance of their song Peter Gunn and an acapella the previously-posted Basement Jaxx track Where's Your Head At.

All the way through, you're enjoying it, but not as much as if you've heard both of the tracks used beforehand, as nearly any mashup listener will tell you. As such, I've decided to give you the half you probably haven't heard in addition. Here you go:

Emerson, Lake & Palmer -Peter Gunn (Live) [right click to download]


2 Many DJ's -Peter Gunn/Where's Your Head At? [right click to download]

Reminding you that we can't evolve without you,
Champi :)


Mr. Brown said...

Oh hell do I love these guys, Soulwax, the pride of our country. Their radio soulwax records are wait for it ... legendary.

Mr. Brown said...
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Champiness said...

Working on it as we speak... it seems to be an issue with the filename.

Champiness said...

I've tried everything... no matter how I alter the name, it still comes up as an empty link. Perhaps I'll just put up a hyperlink... sorry.

Mr. Brown said...

replace the / with something else, like nothing or a letter, helped me, just rename it with the properties on fileden

prez jordan said...

Make sure you utilize BOTH PlayerID's.

THERE ARE TWO!!! One of them you left as "playerPLAYERID"

remember you can always give me a buzz when you're having trouble.

Champiness said...

Fixed it! Thanks for the support.