Saturday, 24 January 2009

Moving like a train

I'm going to post a song that's one of my all time favorites for 4 years now (I heard it the first time I went to a real party and I just never got tired hearing it).

It has a Disney-like intro (now who doesn't like Bambi or The Lion King) and it's catchy & repetitive (but that doesn't make it less interesting, the subtle changes keep it going).

And then it has this: After hearing the same thing over and over again… Finally some change, a break of epic proportions, you're thinking "Now what's next?". Guess what, exactly the same as before, AND IT GET'S AWAY WITH IT.

This song has been playing in my head for the past few years or so... Don't say I didn't warn you.

Herbert - Moving Like A Train (Smith N Hack Remix) [right click to download]

Enjoy, Mr. Brown

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Gymtonic said...

The trumpet thing is sooo catchy, I'm singing it in my head now :P Thanking You for l'awesome song XD