Sunday, 18 January 2009

O Hai There :)

Why Hallo Thar! I'm Gymtonic, and I lessthanthree my music. Music and technology (why was I tempted to type Technologic LOL?) are my main passions in life, stick the two together and what do you get? ELECTRONIC MUSIC!! French House Music IMO is the best type of music of all, the early Daft Punk, Cassius and AIR are my faves. Of course, with French House making it's big comeback is especially making me even more happier :)
Well, enough of my babbling and about me:
I'm Ben, fourteen and come from England (and no, I don't eat scones and drink tea all day [not saying that you did] :P ) Play me a funky song and expect to see me humming and dancing all night long, I'm very outgoing so I imagine to hopefully make lotsa friends here :)

Now, to the srs bsns, the music, le musique, the best bit off all, and the raving.
The track is an oldie (well, not that old, from the late 90's I think) it's a mythical track, sparking controversy over who the actual producer/owner is. Thats right, you guessed it, its Gym Tonic, the epic song in where I stole my username from. This song is probably in my Top Five Songs of all time. It's debated who actually made the song, a quick explanation from Solid Goldberger might help:
Entirely produced by Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk), "Gym Tonic" bacame, over the years, a kind of mythical record. According to the rumours, Bangalter didn't want the track to be released commercially. But it gained such a success as a promo that Sinclar decided to put it on his first album "Paradise", crediting himself as the main author and Bangalter as the remixer.
Chose the real artist: Bangalter, or Sinclar?

Bob Sinclar - Gym Tonic [Thomas Bangalter Edit] [right click to download]

Comments welcome :)


ilictronix said...

Wow I was going to post this in a few days, oh well it fits you better!

Kevin L. said...

intrnt srs bsns, huh?

Mr. Brown said...

I just love this song, didn't have it yet, so thanx :p