Friday, 9 January 2009

So Fun

Today I am going to post a track that will make your body move in some way or another. I don't know if you're going to bounce your head, and get up and start dancing, but this will get you moving.

Today's track is courtesy of unknown-but-godly Hideki Naganuma. I have posted 2 tracks by Naganuma before, but I think this track is universally acceptable, whereas the other too are a little more obscure. And yes, this is from the soundtrack of "Jet Set Radio"

Hideki Naganuma - The Concept Of Love [right click to download]

Also, I am going to post ANOTHER track by Hideki Naganuma. TWO TRACKS IN ONE DAY?! GOOD LORD. You're welcome ladies and gents. This is also from the JSRF soundtrack. Personally, this is my favorite track by Naganuma, but that's just me.

Hideki Naganuma - Fly Like A Butterfly [right click to download]

Anyways, you'll be hearing more Naganuma in the future, so get used to it :-). Voice your opinion.


Champiness said...

Not so hot for the first track, but Fly Like A Butterfly is bangin', not to be cheesy or anything. I love it! It's a bit spastic and very fun.

ilictronix said...

I appreciate both, but I must say the second one is good. The first one's in a gray area of techno and weird electro-ish so idk, doesn't mold perfectly.

Kevin said...

lol i wish i didnt already own both of these songs