Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Team Ilictronix Sign-Ups

So you want to be a part of Team Ilictronix huh? You want to be one of the writers for a blog with over 100 billion views daily? Do you think you're cut out for it?

What is Team Ilictronix?

Team Ilictronix is basically of writers that, along with me, will be managing the blog.

Are you twelve years old?
No, I'm actually 16.

How can I sign up?
I want to make the signup process for the team fairly easy, but I don't want some trolls posting spam on my blog, so I'm going to have a simple review, keep reading for more info.

What will my duties be?
As part of Team Ilictronix, you will be required to publish at least 1 post a week, and keep tabs on the blog, aka view it daily.

-An accessible e-mail account which you are to check multiple times daily
-A good understanding of electronic music
-Computer experience, preferably HTML (not necessarily vital)
-Speak english decently
-Write english decently
-Publish at least 1 article weekly
-An instant messaging account (preferably AIM)
-A blogger account (a google account)
-A fairly large music library (you will be posting tracks)

Sign-Up Instructions
Write an email to Entries Closed with the following information....

-A name for me to call you by (first name preferably)
-Your username on a site where you might know me from (ie thedaftclub)
-Your age...relax, if you're 12, you can still write for me. I just need to know you're age for payroll preferences so DO NOT LIE
-Your blogger account name
-Your favorite genres and artists (just to get a taste)
-Your instant messaging screen name
-The place you are from (I just need your time zone, but it would be nice if you could tell me the region. For example, I'm from Central NJ)
-Links to any music sites you have (only if you are an artist, ie MySpace)
-Some information about yourself
-How you found out about the blog
-Amount of time you have been a viewer

Sorry the requirements are a bit lengthy, but I feel they are very reasonable. You have all the time in the world to apply, but I would prefer if I could get at least 5 applications in by the end of the week.

It should only take a matter of days for me to approve or deny you, and set up your administrative preferences on ilictronix. If I do not respond, it means I have not finished reviewing, so leave me a few days.

I will send you an e-mail regarding whether or not you have been accepted, and I will respond in order of application date. Also, I am allowed to edit your posts, delete your posts, and even remove you as a writer if I feel the need to. :-)

I hope to see you on the team

NOTE: Requirements are likely to change, please refer back to the article for any changes

We also require your Blogger username, as well as a small image of yourself, or anything that represents you (75px by 75px)


Boba Fettuccini said...

I've got about 60 gigs of music between my two computers, and tons of unrecorded vinyl. I think that'll be good enough for now, no?

Champiness said...

Ditto. There's no doubt I'll have music available to post.