Monday, 19 January 2009

Welcome, One and All!

Hey there! Guess who finally got permission to post? Now you'll never be safe from me! Mwahahaha!
Okay, now that that's out of my system, I'll give myself a little introduction. I'm Champiness (real name unknown), and you may have seen me around TDC. If not, I'm glad to meet you! I've discovered my favorite bands through a long string of other people, and my favorites include but are not limited to Daft Punk (no, really), Justice, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld (who you'll likely be seeing a lot of with me), and some Klaxons and Digitalism for good measure. Plus, my dad introduced me to Prog Rock bands ELP and Genesis, who both provided a big influence to Electronic music and may just peek their heads out somewhere in one of my posts. However, I'll always have a good reason for posting what I post, and it won't just be a way to put up whatever song I found on iTunes and tapped my toe to (try saying THAT five times fast).
I have a track prepared, but out of respect to Alex and his wonderful track of the day, I'll wait until later to post it.

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