Monday, 23 February 2009

Don Diablo

Oh yes, people are actually starting to want us to post their tracks.

These next 2 were sent to me by the manager of Don Diablo, a dutch electro-house producer
whos making his way up the blogosphere faster than a blink of an eye.

Signed to Muzikology, an also dutch label, this guy is releasing tracks like theres no tomorrow. And boy, what he send me is ab-so-lu-tely awesome.

The 1st track is called "Work Work Work", a track still to come, but with a lot of exposure on blogs and websites everywhere.

Mixing a nice dirty synth, a subwoofer blasting bassline and some low pitched vocals, its a great track for parties and club.

And here it is: (exceptionally, the tracks will be on Mediafire, since they were sent to me on it and since im not at my regular computer and dont have the codes for the flash player)

Don Diablo - Work Work Work

The 2nd track is a remix of Plump DJ's new single "Beat Myself Up", released on Finger Lickin'.
A nice funky remix, with a powerful bassline and one hell of a buildup for the 2nd part of the track, makes this track a great continuation to "Work Work Work".

Here it is:

Plump DJ's - Beat Myself Up (Don Diablo ReDub)

Check out his Myspace:


Saying that promotion is good,


Kevin L. said...

lol i dont see why they needed to send that email to all of us

Alex said...

Must've been a case of whoever saw it first, posts it first

Kevin L. said...

yeah these music industry people are a little crazy about getting stuff out and getting it out quick i guess

Boba Fettuccini said...

Oh yes, they are.

Funny how some artists ask you to take their tracks down, others ask you to put them on, hm?