Wednesday, 11 February 2009

"Instinct is the memory of generations.."


My first track is "Franky Says" by Overseer (Rob Overseer). There's a bunch of times in the song when you'll hear voices blabbing about something or other, most of it is unintelligible. However, I found the first words interesting: "Instinct is the memory of generations and begins where life itself starts." I decided to google the quote and found only one relevant source: Pg. 152 of The Prophet Outcast by Isaac Deutscher. Its a book about Trotsky and apparently his daughter Zina said those words in a letter to him...and now you get to listen to those words with a thumping bass line - wonderful. Anyway, I needed to fill this space with something so I figured I'd give you some irrelevant information.

Overseer - Franky Says [right click to download]

The second song is "Stompbox" from the album Wreckage. Instead of me jaw wagging about it, how about you just listen to it...then comment! Remember: you don't even have to register to comment, you can comment do it!

Overseer - Stompbox [right click to download]

- Kevin


Anonymous said...

Some interesting grooves...
And an anonymous posting, per your request. Oh, who could it be?

Kevin L. said...


for some reason i think its gymtonic