Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lambs Anger Part I

So the new album from Mr. Oizo went public some time ago and after some ecxessive analysing I came to a conclusion: This album is probably one of the best you will hear this year. It's so good, I now own both the album in CD and vinyl (just for the kick).
So I just got to review it, but one post isn't enough, I feel like a have to post almost every track and I will. So everyone at ilictronix can enjoy this killeralbum.

To start of, Who is this monsieur Oizo? He is a french producer named Quentin Dupieux, who became famous producing some commercials for Levi's in 1999 with the song Flat Beat. This song became widly popular and Mr. Oizo got associated with his doll flat Eric (the yellow headbanging furry thingy).

His two first albums: Analog worms attack (1999) and moustache (half a scissor) (2005) however superinnovative, weren't very accessible for the big public (there were too many experimental/out of beat songs on it).
But now along with Ed banger record, Mr. Oizo made an album that's pretty much filled with "accesible" songs. And I present to thee, Lambs anger.

The first thing you notice is the magnificent album cover. It's based upon one of Salvador Dali's (spanish surrealist) more grotesque works called Un Chien Andalou, where a man cuts a womans eye in half with a razor (don't google it if you have a weak stomach).
The Mr Oizo parodie can be watched here:

Now, on to the songs:

The album starts of strong with the song Hun. (we recently posted a remix of this song, just check the tags or use the search to find it). I think it has this phantom-justice feel to it, nice pumping beats, epic bass. So the album starts of strong, then Mr. Oizo gives a humble speech about what will follow: "Bonjour, this is me again, Mr. Oizo, you are about to hear a collection of some recorded stuff, some are good, (some are bad), some are just okay, **** **".

Mr. Oizo - Hun [right click to download]

Next is Pourriture 2, (Pourriture 7 follows, but they are very similar, so I'll only post nr.2, just contact me if you want it). Another heavy track, with some pounding beats.

Mr. Oizo - Pourriture 2 [right click to download]

The last song, I'll post today is Z (again followed by W later one, very similar song). This one might be a little experimental, but hey it's Mr. Oizo's style and I love it. Give it some time, you'll notice how talented he is.
It's another song with a heavy feel to it, but don't worry, next time It's be a collection of the funkiest beats possible.

Mr. Oizo - Z [right click to download]

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Boba Fettuccini said...

Grotesque. Not grotesk.

I really had no idea Salvador Dali did stuff like that... that's just disgusting. I don't like him as much anymore. =/

Mr. Brown said...

I went to his museum and I got to say, he is a weird guy, very weird :)
But it isn't real so it's art I guess