Saturday, 21 February 2009

Mellow Bliss

Punk-rock bands, you just found yourselves a good name idea.

Once you finished rolling your eyes, im posting a track thats not made for the dancefloor, but its made by dancefloor destroyers.

Cazals, the indie/rock/electronic band from London,

are signed to one of the hip labels of the moment, Kitsuné, and have a freshly released album. (so fresh its still to come in America. Wait till the 1st week of next month)

One of their singles is called "To Cut a Long Story Short". And it was remixed by Steetlife DJ's, label-mates autoKratz, and Ed Banger star Vicarious Bliss.

Appearing on Kitsuné's "Maison Compilation 5", Vicarious Bliss' remix is different from the usual Ed Banger bangers.

Conviniently called "Mellotron Mix", it is a very simple mix, featuring an organ-like sound as the main instrument, violins, and other blowing instruments, making this short 2:42 minute remix a chill song that keeps you awake.

And here it is:
Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Vicarious Bliss Mellotron Mix) [right click to download]


Telling you to mellow down,

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prez jordan said...

best. track. ever.

this would be perfect in a movie