Thursday, 26 February 2009

Misco Doskow

Hi there, my computer problems are almost solved, so I'll be posting again.

And what do I have in store for our fans today? Some good old Belgian electronic music, better known as Telex.

Telex was founded in 1978 by Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman and Michel Moerswith with the intention of "Making something really European, different from rock, without guitar". Telex sounds a lot like Kraftwerk, with their music entirely built from electronic instuments, but Telex favour irrilevent humour, which makes the songs much more interesting.

First song is from their opening album, it's a synthesized cover version of Twist à St. Tropez by Les Chats Sauvages. The song sounds like a tshootshootrain from a cartoon, and the vocals don't really help either. It's just plain fun put in a song.

Telex - Twist à St. Tropez [right click to download]

On to the next song: In 1980 Telex's manager decided to sent them to the Eurovision Song Contest. They were sent and what folowed was a bleepy song with deliberately banal lyrics about the contest itself. The audience seemed unsure how to react and some polite applause barely covered up the silence. It was something nobody has ever heard before at that time, that's for sure.
The nature of their impression on the audience became clear when vote-counting began: when Greece awarded Belgium 3 points, the announcer thought she had misheard and tried to award the points to The Netherlands. Moulin's reaction to the results was: "We had hoped to finish last, but Portugal decided otherwise. We got ten points from them and finished on the 19th spot". It was a sad day for Belgium, being 19 out of 20, but thank god for Potugal :p

Telex - Eurovision [right click to download]

I want to finish this post with another song, called Moskow Disco. One of the greatest electronic songs ever (and one of the first) made. Just listen, you'll see.

Telex - Moscow Disco [right click to download]

Respect Telex for their pioneership and enjoy, Mr Brown

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Boba Fettuccini said...

I think Faithfull by Fantom may sample the Koskow Disco track...