Saturday, 7 February 2009

National Goodness

Tell me 3 portuguese dance artists that were/are part of the big dance scene.
You must be thinking: Rui da Silva? No. Made a one-hit wonder and then vanished.
DJ Vibe? God no. That guy is more overrated than petrol. And from what i've heard of what he has been up to lately, im more and more certain of what i just said.
Buraka Som Sistema? Not very known out there, but they are getting huge attention here, and thats annoying me, because they aint that bad.

Whats left? No one i can think of. All the known portuguese artists are either from Rock, Pop, Fado or from love songs that are cheesier than Doritos.

But im posting a track from a man thats still quite underground in the international dance scene and he's basically buried alive here. Probably 1 out of 50 or 100 people have heard of his music, but his name is well known around the world.
That name is Moulinex.

Yes, the man with the name of a household appliance is here!

Born in Viseu, center of Portugal, now resides in Munich, Germany, and is a part of a label that has a lot to give and that will get known soon: D.I.S.C.O.Texas. (as well portuguese)
A label with only 3 singles released, one by Xinobi (again, portuguese), one by Moulinex and one by The Phantom's Revenge, but they have more in the hoven and are almost ready to be digested by our ears.

The track im posting is called Leisure Suit, not included in his single, but it should be, or at least get released soon.

A track that starts with an arrival to a party and we start to hear the song and then... bang, it starts.
A healthy mix of sped up French House and Electro makes this track a banger and will make you want to get more Moulinex.

So, here it is, in 320kbps, so you can fully enjoy it:
Moulinex - Leisure Suit [right click to download]



Nacionalist and proud of it:


Champiness said...

Wow. That's some GOOOD House. Need more.....
*enters Moulinex withdrawl*

Joe said...

Why no Buraka Som Sistema? They ROCK!

Also, I have "Lover In Me" by Moulinex, as well as the La Roche remix, in mp3 format if you want them :)

Alex said...

Yeah, i actually do, ive been searching but all i got was a Myspace rip of the original.