Monday, 23 February 2009

The Pros Have Asked!

So today, Alex posted some tracks from an artist whose manager contacted each of us to spread the word of his newest artist. Well now, I have yet another artist to share.

So what's the deal? Last night we registered the blog to The Hype Machine, a service which displays mp3s posted on music blogs for a large community to view, rate, and follow. Since signing up, our hits have skyrocketed. To our new viewers, hello!

Anyway the artist I have to share with you today is a NYC-based DJ by the name of Astro Raw. Hes music is a combination of remix, big beat, guitar, and even some chipmunk voice. After listening to each of the 4 tracks I am going to post below, I must say that I am impressed. You can check out more Astro Raw here and here.

Astro Raw - LoHi [right click to download]

Biggie Smalls - Dead Wrong raWmix [right click to download]

Astro Raw - I'm The One With A Smile [right click to download]

Astro Raw - Army Of Darkness [right click to download]

Here's a video of Astro Raw performing LoHi live

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Prez Jordan

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music promotion said...

really enjoying Astro Raw's music rt now. thanks for the post!