Tuesday, 3 February 2009

You Silly Boys!

So you guys know I've been listening to some popular stuff lately...

Although YellE herself is not a House artist, here EXTREMELY popular pop songs (in France) are the target of many remixes from our favorite French artists.

Her song "A Cause Des Garcons" was at the top of the charts in France, and received a little recognition in the US for it's cute rhythm and adorable music video. If you want to check out the song, just watch the video below.

Now for the good stuff, courtesy of STA.

I was planning on posting the TEPR remix, but then I found the lesser known STA Edit and liked it much much better. It took me about an hour to figure out the name of the track (the STA part). So anyway, enjoy the Para One-style drum beat and the ever famous snare-drum-replaced-by-a-girl's-voice electro technique.

YellE - À Cause Des Garçons (STA Edit) [right click to download]

First track in a while from me :D
Prez Jordan

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Champiness said...

It's hard to argue that the video is adorable, and the remix is great. Once again, you have earned the title of Prez.