Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Even though their new album is only coming out in late May, Phoenix's new album, called "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix", has been leaked. I wanted to wait until the official date, but i cant wait 2 months, especially after hearing the track they released on their website, "1901".

In case you dont know, Phoenix is a french pop band, which came out around the same time as Air and Daft Punk (actually one of their members was a member of Darlin', the infamous band that originated the term "daft punk"):

I got their album and may i say, its amazing. Even though i only have their debut album, i have heard some of the other tracks, and this new album edges a bit from their other tracks. More darkness, more synth, but still with those poppy vocals and cheer that the old classics give us.

The track im posting is one of the tracks from the album, but to not give you much details and spoilers from it, this track is pretty much a remake of a track they did.

Last year they released a track called "Twenty One-One Zero", which was free to download on their Myspace.
For the album they changed a few things. First they added a considerable amount of bass in the beggining, a simple keyboard line and an acoustic guitar. Only halfway of the song, "Twenty One-One Zero" comes on and takes over.
After its done, a synth takes over until the acoustic guitar comes back and leads the way. The original vocals were replaced with new ones, and the end is dominated by a simple guitar line and a keyboard.
The final vocal line is the name of the track, "Love Like a Sunset".

And here it is:
Phoenix - Love Like A Sunset [right click to download]

And as bonus, 2 tracks from their debut album, "United".

Phoenix - Too Young [right click to download]

Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better [right click to download]


Saying that an end can be a start,

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