Thursday, 12 March 2009

... and this is where I come from.

Despite any rumors you may have heard, I'm not actually from Italy. I'm not from Europe at all. I'm from Washington State, USA, babay. The sad thing about this particular area is it's focus on rock music. Rock music as a whole isn't bad, but when there's only one station that plays electronic music, and it's currently not broadcasting... it's a sad existence.

Things are even worse where I actually live. I'm from a moderate-sized city called Everett that has been trying, and failing, to outdo its neighbor Seattle since it first started. Just to give you an idea of what kind of town this is, we have a navy base, one single record store that's never heard of electronic music, and out tallest building is the jail. The closest to dance music you'll hear is some hispanics in a lowrider blasting rap. You ask someone if they like Daft Punk, they say, "Oh yeah. Those guys did a pretty neat remix of Stronger. Should have kept the Kanye vocals though... where are they from again? Germany?" Needless to say, this was not a good environment for electronic music lovers.

We do have some people here and there who make electronic music, most of them are like me, teenagers with Sony Acid or FL. But we also have some pretty cool REAL stuff in the Seattle area... here's some of what I've found.

Kids Get Hit by Buses, or KGHB, is a local Everett band that goes against the grain in a few ways. Where most Sony Acid users start out with the free loops and VSTs and make really dorky techno (likemyfirstalbumcough) but these guys just went straight to the General MIDI, and cranked the tempo up to about 180 BPM.

KGHB - 000000x000 (Dance Dance Dance) (Right Click To Download)

More recently, they've switched to chiptunes with sexy vocoder, and they have a new album on the way, titled Blue Screen Of Death. I'm a little excited, as the chiptunes are just... well, as they say in many of their songs, "sexy."

KGHB - C000000C02 (Right Click To Download)

KGHB - r0flc0pt3r (Right Click To Download)

If you wanna hear some more of their stuff, as well as previews from their upcoming album, check out their homepage.

Second off is an Italo Disco inspired group called Fascination Movement. Their style is like... well, Italo Disco. They're from Seattle, but signed to a German label, so it's hard to find their EP on vinyl in the states. I will let my words be few, and let the only Mp3 I have do the rest of the talking.

FM - Radio(Right Click To Download)

Another guy I discovered, though don't know where in Washington he's from exactly, is Keagan. He's a disco house artist. Pretty generic, but all the same, I like it a lot more than the stuff Galactik Knights, The Phantoms Revenge and the like have been putting out.

Keagan - She Is So Cool (Right Click To Download)

So, readers, if you are from the Pacific Northwest and know of some totally radical EDM bands, send em my way! You can find my contact info on the sidebar. :)

Stay cool everyone!


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hey thanks for the shout out! we recently moved to seattle and are hard at work getting BSOD ready for release! :)