Monday, 16 March 2009

Beat out... by my own favorite band.

So my Church announces that they're going to participate in the North Sound Student Film Festival, and that we high school kids could make films and enter them. I'm never one to turn down a challenge, so me and my friend Taylor plotted out a mock-umentary about an electronic garage band called Sick Kitty, and we filmed it all, and wrote original music to go along with it. We edited it, turned it in, and last night, we went to the awards show, where our film was one of nine productions shown.

They showed ours first, and we got some awkward laughter and many comments on how hot my tight red velvet blazer was, and then a nice round of applause when the credits rolled and credited the original music to Michael Ramsey (me). I was satisfied. After an entire evening of films, I truly thought my only competitor for Best Soundtrack was the film 'My Friend Zac', about a kid who befriends a Zac Effron cardboard standee. The music wasn't original, but the cues were good, and the songs, though mainstream hits from one point or another, were very well selected.

Then the awards started. To my absolute disgust, the one really boring 10 minute movie of some kid skateboarding, which no one watched, and few applauded for, won the best soundtrack award. What was this soundtrack? The first minute of Technologic follwed by a medly of screamo rock. But you know what hurts? I got beat out by my own favorite band.

Daft Punk, I love you, but I am very upset with you right now. >:(

I mean, come on... I had original music!

Sick Kitty - Look What The Cat Barfed Out
[Right Click To Download]

Sick Kitty - Look What The Cat Barfed Out (No Retarded vocals)
[Right Click To Download]

Sick Kitty - Ocean Ocean
[Right Click To Download]

Boba Fettuccini - The Guitar Always Wins (Sick Kitty Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

Agh. Anyway. Cheers.


prez jordan said...

Wow the first track is really good. Once we get the forums started up on DJing, you'll certainly have to throw around some pointers.

Alex said...

Great tracks. And good sampling. Ive heard "Atlantis to Interzone" and "Face to Face" at least.

Shame you didnt win.

Boba Fettuccini said...

The siren sound is the same one Klaxons used, but I didn't sample it from the actual song. The guitar sample is also the same one used in Face to Face, just chopped differently. :D Glad you like it