Sunday, 22 March 2009

Disco Menace

Well, yesterday i found out that a major-ish French House artist will release not one, not two, but a three CD album next month, called Idiosyncrasies. That man is the german Kris Menace:

You heard me right, 3 CD's full of house just for you. The first CD is mostly the tracks he made with his mates, Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, Felix da Housecat, among others. The second CD is mostly his solo work, even though it has 3 collabs. In CD 3 are some of his remixes.

The tracks im posting are both originals, not remixes.

The first one is the first track of the first CD, the French House hit Discopolis, produced along with Lifelike.
Who can forget that awesome video made by Seb Janiak, which features a girl walking around, taking a shower and dancing about for 3 minutes with the camera mostly filming her behind? I dont. Men...

Anyway, this is a very simple track in terms of production, but yet, these two guys made this an absolutly fantastic track to dance around in your living room.
Oh, and the best part... its 9 minutes long! Just like any proper French House track.

Here it is:
Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis [right click to download]

The second track is also an opener, but this time for CD 2. This one is surprisingly short, and i dont like the fact that its short. Its called Sensuality, and it has around the same chillness that Discopolis has. Indeed its a very sexy track, with an epic bassline to help it move.
Certainly one of his best tracks, but its a shame it only has a little more than 3 minutes.

Here it is:
Kris Menace - Sensuality [right click to download]


Telling you to put that damn bass to the max,


Tyler said...

Terrific post!! Some really awesome tracks here! I love Discopolis. Please consider posting more from this album in the future!!

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