Friday, 13 March 2009

Dream Walking

You will dream on these next songs, and you will wake up as if the world was full of rainbows and happiness. Mark my words.

These next couple tracks are one of the few that can make me happy anytime, anywhere.

Both of them are made by Australian pop-rock (according to shops here)/ electronic/new rave duo Empire Of The Sun, which consists of Nick Littlemore of Pnau, and Luke Steele of Sleepy Jackson:

Creepy little pair, but oh well.

Formed in 2007, they released their first single in 2008, "Walking On A Dream".
And thats the track that im gonna talk about now.
Their album has been released very recently in Europe, released today in Germany, soon in Italy, and its out everywhere else. (except for America). Get it.

A track that sounds very similar to Tom Petty's "Learning to Fly" in the instrumental bit, it has a nice soothing ballad and beat. The vocals have that australian feel and sometimes they can be hard to understand. But trust me, i can sing this totally after giving a few listens.

Its a track thats chill yet absolutely awesome. Recommended.

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream [right click to download] (highly recommended)

The next track is only 2 songs after "Walking On A Dream", and it's called "We Are The People".

Starting off with an acoustic guitar, the vocals come and then a beat comes in.
During the chorus a background melody comes up but i cant tell what made it, but its nice and subtle and fits perfectly. Once again, not too chill but magical.

Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People [right click to download](highly recommended)

To top it off, a remix. Made by country-mates Van She, they add a little more intensity to the song, but leaving the original vocals and most of the song untouched, only adding a beat. In the beggining.
Halfway, a synth comes on and this distinct and discrete noise is in the background.
The synths increase intensity, and then a build up to the absolute climax of the song: A fantastically used synth and keyboards all join together to create this sort of "divine" entry.
The bass synth gets dirtier, and it pretty much continues until the keyboard has the last say and repeats its line through the last 20 seconds or so.


Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Van She Tech Remix) [right click to download] (highly recommended)


Always running for the thrill of it,

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