Monday, 23 March 2009

Fill My Cup and Seal My Fate

Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite groups: KMFDM. Just to get it out of the way, KMFDM stands for Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, which loosely translates to "no mercy for the masses" (although the literal translation is "no majority for the pity" which obviously makes no goddamn sense in English).

Anyway, KMFDM has been around since 1984 and today I've picked one song from their recent (2009) album Skold vs. KMFDM, one song from 2008 album Brimborium and one song from their 1997 album which is commonly referred to as "Symbols" (see album cover at bottom of post).

Although KMFDM has been around for quite a long time, and many members have come and gone (although found member and Professional Badass Sascha Konietzko has kept KMFDM alive and kicking), KMFDM has offered "conceptual continuity" throughout the years. Yes, there's a good deal of variety when it comes to the many KMFDM songs (along with a plethora of remixes), but when you hear KMFDM, you just know its KMFDM.

Speaking of conceptual continuity, the new album Blitz releases TOMORROW but was leaked to the internet February 24th, one month before the official release.

If you want to check out more KMFDM, hit up Grooveshark and listen to a few of my favorite KMFDM jams:
Hau Ruck, Virus, Anarchy, Revolution, Unfit, You're No Good, Free Your Hate, Tohuvabohu, Money, Headcase, and A Drug Against War.

- Kevin
P.S. KMFDM Sucks.

Skold vs KMFDM - Alkohol [right click to download]

KMFDM - Looking For Strange (Super Strange Mix by Die Krupps) [right click to download]

KMFDM - Megalomaniac [right click to download]


Joe said...

I heard a rumor somewhere that KMFDM stood for "Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode" lol

Kevin L. said...

lol, as far as i know that's just a joke, but its hilarious in any case hahaha

Boba Fettuccini said...

Depeche Mode is awesome though...

Kevin L. said...

yeah i especially like their songs stripped and enjoy the silence, tbh

leo said...

yeah, i believe KMFDM stands for "no pit for the majority". interesting enough, There is "NEW" previously unreleased album i bught the other day by Missing Foundation and KMFDM recorded in 1984. currently available on HUMANITY RECORDS

Anonymous said...

KMFDM : Kylie Minogue Fans Don't Masturbate