Friday, 27 March 2009

Get Ya Burkas Out

Politically incorrect I know, but I had to.

Oddly enough, I found this track on iTunes. While I have heard of Sinden before, Mapei and Stuffa were virtually unknown to me. Luckily Google Image search helped me find a photo!

While I can't give any background info on this track, I assume it's not popular because I've never heard it, and it took a little while to find it on the internet. But it is rather amazing.

Incredible sampling starts out this track. It seems simply enough, until my left speaker began vomitting some guitar sounds. Note: If you don't have stereo, this track will not be as good. Anywho, the track is flawless and breaks down into an Arabic string sample, which I adore hearing in songs. If this song doesn't annoy the hell out of you, you will love it. See I can tolerate whatever Oizo throws at me, so I think I have a higher tolerance than most people...guess it helps for my blogging.

But anyway, the song completely changes twice halfway through into a crunchy synth, but it doesn't lose its amazing beat structure. I hope you all enjoy this, it was a good find for me.

Mapei feat. Stuffa - Pretty Girls (Sinden Remix) [right click to download]

Prez Jordan


Tyler said...

I LOVE Mr. Oizo as well. Love him. Same as you, I thought I could handle anything he threw at me but then I found this. Even I had a hard time getting through these tracks!

Tyler said...

Great post BTW I really like this track!!

prez jordan said...

Christ these tracks are annoying lol

Vin said...

Sweet thanks for this one, Mapei is great shes on Major Lazer's version of Mary Jane. Her hair is crazy too haha