Monday, 23 March 2009

The Land Before Louis

Yeah, we know Louis La Roche is so damn overhyped, but we just love him. But before he made the move to filtered house, Louis was all about full-on electro with his other alias Night Facilities. And today I'll be posting one of his remixes plus two NF originals.

First up is In Flight. A stomper in every sense of the word, mixing buzzy electro bass with squelchy acid vocoders. Listening to this really shows you what a teenager armed with nothing but FL Studio and a pocket full of dreams can do.

Night Facilities - In Flight [Right Click To Download]

The second one, K.U.N.G, cheekily samples Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting". Kung fu instantly makes stuff awesome. But wait! With an electro hook worked around it, it's even MORE awesome!

Night Facilities - K.U.N.G [Right Click To Download]

And finally, a remix of Busta Rhymes. If you haven't turned off your monitor after seeing the words Busta Rhymes, then I beg you, KEEP READING. This remix has been on my stereo for a while now, and for good reason. NF takes Busta's surprisingly catchy rap and develops the perfect electro-house melody to compliment it. Add a bit of echo and the occasional filter here and there, and you have yourselves a banger.

Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Night Facilities Remix) [Right Click To Download]

Keep dancing, you crazy kids :)

- Joe


prez jordan said...

That picture scared the shit out of me.

Also, the link to his Remix EP (and I think another album either from NF or Louis La Roche) is broken on zshare. Is there any other place to download the tracks?

Boba Fettuccini said...

I don't love him. =/


I just noticed I have a tendency to post really negative in my comments.

prez jordan said...

haha s'all good

but do :-P

Joe said...

I have the NF Remixes Vol.1 album actually, I could upload it if you like (the Busta Rhymes remix isn't on it though, and neither are his remixes for NT89, Adele or Radiohead).

And yes, that picture is rather intimidating isn't it Prez?

prez jordan said...

If you could upload any NF or LLR you have to the FTP in a "Louis" folder I'd be very happy. I have the Peach EP already

thanks joe