Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Let Me Wear Pants

10 point to the person who can tell me what this song says, and what it means.

Note: I am terribly sorry but I have absolutely no idea who either the original or remix artist is. I wish I could give some background information...All I know is that it comes from an electrorock compilation album sent to me from an internet buddy.

Minimal Compact - Deadly Weapons (Optimo Remix) [right click to download]

A Bonus! I made the Ilictronix Promo video a lot longer, and it's not viewable in HD on youtube!

Prez Jordan


Champiness said...

Great video!
Practically a writing staff of 7, though... don't worry, I have stuff planned!

Anonymous said...


Minimal Compact

That wasn't so hard now was it?


prez jordan said...

I found multiple Optimo's and multiple Minimal Compact's. I didn't want to post false information.

:D bitch

Anonymous said...

"deadly weapons launchers/lasers/? are not the only danger...we shoot, we right pass, we shoot again...no one can see"
appears on the freeland global underground mexico city mix, it says "track originally produced in 1984 by peter principle & gilles martin. Pub. by Crammed Music/strictly confidential. from the retrospective album "returning wheel"