Thursday, 19 March 2009

Let's go on a little trip to France, shall we?

And maybe stop in Russia along the way, shall we, and See the sights of Moskau? Red Square is great, I hear, and there's all those funky, onion-shaped buildings like the one in Tetris. Ah, yes, Tetris! That amazing game of shape-fallingness that we all know and love.

Many people might know and love the 'A' music from this game, which has a relentlessly catchy riff that I had completely forgotten until a kid I went to school with last year contacted me and asked me if I'd ever thought about doing a cover or remix of the Tetris song. Evidently it's his favorite song. Anyway, quite honestly, the thought had never crossed my mind. I hadn't played the original Tetris in probably 8 years, and I never remembered playing the Gameboy Color version I had with sound. Well, I figured, why not have a listen and see if it could be done?

Well, I dug it up, and instantly it got stuck in my head. My immediate thought was that a Trance remix would be the ultimate win... but surely such a track must already exist?

Well Jordan, I apologize. I know you don't like trance music, but I feel obligated to post this.

2PM - Tetris
[Right Click To Download]

If that didn't make you want to dance... you're not human. I'm sorry, that's just the way things are.

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I did work up a little cover... took me about a half an hour. Nothing to original, although I did change the bassline a bit to be more of my style... which doesn't really mean much. Anyway, enjoy my cover; I call it "Falling Shapes".

Boba Fettuccini - Falling Shapes
[Right Click To Download]

But now we're going to head off to another part of Russia, where we'll meet an interesting artist named Arnold Ziffel. Is he Russian? I honestly have no idea, but his track here is called 'Russian Love Machine' from the free web label Galaxie Comète Records.

The label has a very neat green theme going on, and all the artwork is done in green neons. Can't say that always is a good thing... please excuse me while I go off on a small tangent.

Dekoi's Neoteric Love EP cover from his own release:

The GXC release...

Comparatively, I find the green one to be pretty lame.

Anyway, getting back to Arnold Ziffel's Russian Love Machine! The drum intro is a bit long, but hang in there. You won't be sorry.

Arnold Ziffel - Russian Love Machine
[Right Click To Download]

And now we'll start heading on our way down to France with this lovely remix by Poka, also signed to GXC.

Arnold Ziffer - Russian Love Machine (Poka's Red Curtain Takeover Mix)
[Right Click To Download]

Whew! Well then! We've come a long way! But don't you think that while we're on our way to France, we should stop in Germany? Yes, I think so too.

Moskau... a city of adventure, and passion...

You've probably heard this song. It's one of the greatest YTMND memes ever...
(also the best Disco song song to ever come out of Germany ever. I wish I knew more about the group, Dschinghis Khan, but despite the fact that they still have releases out, it seems I just haven't been able to learn much about them...)

[Right Click To Download]

But you may not have heard these two mixes I've found. They're short, but they're awesome.

Mouskau Remix [Right Click To Download]

moskau - Hetlia Remix (Yes, it's trance.) [Right Click To Download]

Well, I've certainly enjoyed today's trip. Why don't we stay the night in one of these handy little hostels, and pick up the trip to France tomorrow, hm?

Ok, good, because I'm bushed. Seeya round!


prez jordan said...

Most tracks ever posted in one post? Done. haha

also...2PMs tetris is one of my favorites hehe

Boba Fettuccini said...

I had to make up for my absence. :p

prez jordan said...

(edited for bigger pics)...also dont forget tags!

prez jordan said...

Also, no artists for the remixes?

Boba Fettuccini said...

I have no idea who did them, and those are all I've been able to find. Sorry.