Friday, 20 March 2009

Prez Jordan Reviews "Fist Of God"

Children, it has been a while since I last reviewed an album, and I have some things to announce. First, I will be doing this more often, because it's alot of fun. Second, they will be much shorter, rather than most professional reviews. Why? Because my making them long, I have to spend a long time throughly listening to each track, when I just want to enjoy it. So yea, they'll be shorter, but I promise they'll be good.

So today, I am reviewing the second studio of Canadian super-duo MSTRKRFT, Fist of God.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with MSTRKRFT, they are a power-electro / dance-punk group. Their 2006 premier album, The Looks has had some tracks posted on the blog before, due to its amazingness. In my opinion, The Looks is one of the best, if not THE BEST, premier album I've ever heard. And while reviews claimed it lacked any sort of content, I found it to be extremely groovy and powerful.

Fist of God surprised me, however. While The Looks was fairly heavy on dance-punk, FoG tends to be more in your face, sounding a lot like something out of Boys Noize. I never said this was a bad thing, it's just...different. From my view, FoG seems to be more blastable than previous MSTRKRFT work.

What am I talking about? Listened to next to each other, TL almost sounds like Starbucks Indie music compared to the pure power FoG has to deliver. To be honest, it's as if MSTRKRFT had an epiphony to make an entire album based off their semi-hit, Paris. While TL had some lighter tracks, such as Easy Love and She's Good For Business, FoG had no lighter songs to deliver, only pure exploding-in-your-face synth riffs and loud bass beats.

While this may be disappointing to some, the ecstasy-type-music-lovers such as yours truly were thrilled. To me, it's fantastic that MSTRKRFT decided to make this move, and it shows that they're capable of more.

All in all, Fist of God was more than I expected as a follow up to the amazing "The Looks." While it does have a slight disadvantage replay-wise, FoG gets my hyped up whenever I'm in need of it.

- Different sound
- Good for the true electro fans
- Excellent collaborations with various hip hop artists
- Great production and flow between songs

- Lacks as much replay value as The Looks
- Some collaborations sound like the guest is beign drowned out

Prez Jordan's Picks from "Fist of God"

MSTRKRFT - Fist Of God [right click to download]

MSTRKRFT - Word Up (feat. Ghostface Killah) [right click to download]

4.5 / 5 (Excellent)

Prez Jordan


Alex said...

I disagree. I didnt like the collabs, and MSTRKRFT are becoming way to repetitive. If you listen to most their remixes and this album, youll hear the same synths, the same drum beat, the same hat.

Id give this one a 2.5 or a 3, but your choice.

prez jordan said...

Want to leave an official rating? that way I could add "Other Opinions" or something

prez jordan said...

just do pro and cons i guess, idk youre pick

and by the way, im a sucker for that kinda stuff, like Human After All

Alex said...

I might give my 2 cents on it tomorrow.

prez jordan said...

you do have a point on the synths though, theres no doubt that they only used 3 or 4 different sounds..but I just think the arrangement is excellent. The songs truly don't sound anything alike to me, if you know what I mean. Like they don't give off the same vibes.

Boba Fettuccini said...

the term is two bits, not two cents. Two bits of a Spanish Pieces of Eight, or about 25 cents.

horatio said...

I disagree. Granted, they are welcome to produce a 'banging' album, but they've done that badly. The tracks show no ingenuity and the guest vocals are awful.


Joe said...

That Fist Of God track is excellent!

Anonymous said...

I also disagree about the album. Plus, you're not a writer, so stop pretending to be. I just read all of that rubbish.

prez jordan said...

And you're reading it, so you're not exactly one to talk :D

Ubbs said...

see NORE and MSTKRFT perform live... woeful with NORE checking his phone multiple times through the performance.

Think they have also made the tracks too noisey and ruling out any real good remixes

Anonymous said...

I read through your review and it seems like you've regurgitated the same phrases I've read from other reviews on the web. Try to be a little more creative next time. What's the point of reviewing an album if you say the same things other people have already said?? It doesn't add anything.

prez jordan said...

Anon, I haven't read any review on Fist of God besides the one from Pitchfork Media, which I whole-heartedly disagree with. Give me one example of how I stole someone else's review. Just one.

Wolf Eyes said...

this album has as much variety as the looks did, i got bored of each song before it was half done. and theyre starting to have a mainstream sound which makes sense but sucks

Wolf Eyes said...

and i hate the cover art too. its slightly interesting at first but then you realize it's ugly and it's gonna get really annoying seeing it everywhere for the next month