Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Rain Touch.

When it rains, a cliche phrase is brought into play. That is to say, I woke up to droves of rain today, though that doesn't exactly surprise me seeing that it's the Seattle area! Nice, cold, spring rain. Ah. Well, as I mentioned in last night's Peachy post (wasn't it just... dare I say it... peachy?) I had a jazz concert. What I didn't know was that my mom was having a huge girl scout meeting at our house, and wanted me and my dad to leave. So I went to my sax lesson, but since we couldn't come home, we went to a Value Village that was loaded on Motown type records. Chaching!

George Benson - The World Is A Ghetto
[Right Click To Download]

This was one of the songs on the albums I got. I absolutely love it, and evidently so do Thomas Bangalter and Bob Sinclair (Thomas sampled it for Spinal Scratch. Pretty creative sampling, too.).

We get to the bookstore where we're performing, and my band, the Intermediate group, is on first. We get up on stage, tune, do our sound check and all that, then play through our 4 songs, including Brick House (omgBrickHouseBrickHouuuuseluvluvluvthatbassline). My solo went over well, and I was surprised I got through it without freezing or jittering, and played even better than I had practiced with my teacher that morning. As soon as the video is off the camera, I'll pull off an MP3 and post it, because I'm just that vain.

Commodores - Brick House
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Next, the Advanced group went on... and palyed a solid hour of 40's swing tunes that all sounded the same, each with solos that all sounded the same, intros that sounded the same, and outros that sounded the same. The advanced group has talent, really, but the director of their band chosses reeeeaaally dull tunes. I discussed arranging a few Daft Punk songs for the jazz band with our piano player, and then went home. It was still pouring rain, and my black suit got totally waterpwned. As the drips fell on me from above, I thought,"Gee, I could really use a touch of sun."

Well, i don't know what kind of weather you have right now, but in case it's anything less than gorgeous, here's a little touch of sun from the disco house artist Sun Touch... possibly the only female disco house artist in existence! Evil Stereo and I were speculating about whether she's hot or not. Rather inconclusive. My personal opinion is that if she's anything like the DJ stereotype in The Guide TO DJing that I got at the library, she's an awkward music/computer geek without a lot of 'friends', and a lifestyle based around the computer and music. And that's what makes people like that so awesome. Darn it all, why can't I ever meet girls like that?? Life is so unfair.

Well then, that was quite a birdwalk. Ahem. Yeah. So why don't we listen to some tracks, eh?

Sun Touch - Two Day Cruise
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The Chameleons - A Person Isn't Safe These Days (Sun Touch Remix).mp3
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These were baby sacrificing tracks. Thankfully I don't have any babies to sacrifice. Also thankfully, the Music Demon I consulted had a thing for cheddar cheese, and accepted a large Costco-size block of Tillimook cheddar instead.



Anonymous said...

ewwwwwwww did you just post that brick house song.. uuughhhhhhhhh lame

Boba Fettuccini said...

You know what anonymous? Your face is lame.

Wildcat said...

Yes got him Boba!

Canadave said...

After wracking my brain, I have concluded that this Sun touch track is heavily sampling Mothership Reconnection - Scott Grooves (Daft Punk Remix). In Case anyone should care!

Boba Fettuccini said...

Well Canadave, sorry, but you're wrong. It may sample the original Parliament track, but this certainly does not sample a famous house track remix.

Gwen said...

I may be a music nerd, but I am most certainly not socially awkward.

Gwen said...

Oh and the sample for Two Day Cruise is Gibson Brothers - Ooh What A Life. Amateurs!