Friday, 27 March 2009

Seeing that we're on just a tad of a LLR kick...

... suppose I'll post a bit about the only one of his songs I'm very fond of. I am a very opinionated individual, and I'm not ashamed to be rather negative at times, so excuse me for saying that Louis La Roche is no more deserving of all his hype than Dark DJ's Dark House was deserving for it's relative underhypedness... if that makes sense. You see, a trend in filtered house right now is to use huge vocal samples and just throw them over a new bassline with a kick, and then sidechain. I find it both uncreative and annoying. Considering two out of four Peach EP tracks were like that, I just don't really like Louis. However, the title song, Peach, blows me away every time. It's beautiful, it's well sampled, it's creatively reworked. Peach is a good song!

Today's journey began at Galaxie Comete Records' myspace (remember Arnold Ziffel and the Russian Love Machine?) where I noticed that the newest sign-ee, Dekoi, had posted a comment that he had anew mashup up on his player: Louis La Roche vs. Poka, who is another Galaxie signee. I wouldn't normally care about one of his new tracks (sorry Dekoi, your disoc-free discohouse isn't all that appealing to me), but I thought a mashup might be interesting. I had nothing else to do, so I decided to check it out. I was quite astounded! The chopping of Peach, the added vocals, and the neat new bass riffs, in addition to the Poka track!

Louis La Roche vs. Poka (Dekoi Mashup)
[Dekoi has yet to release this to the public, so I think it's only fair to not offer a download yet.]

Well, imagine my disappointment this morning when I listened to the Sidechains remix of Peach. Sorry Dekoi, -1. All the same, that just means I was astounded by the Sidechains remix!

Peach (Sidechains Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

Thony Ritz surprised me too... Peach sounds awesome when it's taken down a few steps. I'm not too much of a fan of the electro/electronica-ness of his mix, but the intro is pretty awesome, so I like it for that.

Peach (Thony Ritz Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

Now the other tracks here I have are a gift from Snolan And Skuttle, a chill-ish disco house group I found on myspace. After sending them a friend request, it turns out that Snolan remembered me from the Daft Club. So here we are guys, yet another great house artist from The Daft Club! It's like a house music farm! Unlike some of the tracks I've been posting, I didn't have to sacrifice my children for them. The guy/s (couldn't be sure who I was messaging all the time) sent me a package of a few of their tracks, of which I'm going to post my two favorites.

In Sawn-Off, I really like the bouncy, Le Knight Club style sampling. It may not be an amazingly epic track like Spinal Scratch, or Le Knight Club, but all the same, it's nice, simple beats that make us wanna move. This goes on my homework playlist.

Sawn-Off (Primary Edit)
[Right Click To Download]

This one here, Future Fold 1, also kicks some supreme butt.

Future Fold 1
[Right Click To Download]

Now tomorrow, if all goes well, I should have some actual baby-sacrificing tracks. :) Assuming I survive my jazz concert... I have to do an ad lib sax solo on Brick House. Funfun. And yes, I do mean the Commodores hit.



Joe said...

I don't really like that Thony Ritz remix. Is there something wrong with me?

Boba Fettuccini said...

No, there's nothing wrong.

dekoi said...

Hey Dekoi here!

You can now download the mashup of Poka xx Louis La Roche On my myspace page.

Much Love.

DaftGirl2411 said...

For me, the Thony Ritz Remix is the best i ever heard. Awesome work, this guy rocks !