Tuesday, 24 March 2009

"Sexy Stuff."

... which translated directly to electro. The best kind, too. The rare, 80's style kind.

I think I can almost guarantee you that you won't find these tracks elsewhere. For I, Boba, was the only one with the courage to take the heat, to brave the vast wildernesses, to defeat the dragons, and ultimately achieve these excellent, amazing Tracks of Sexiness. I'm so serious about this, I'm breaking out the italics. That's just how serious I am.

Now then. 4TrakZ
is a French guy, as most good electronic artists are (as a rule, most Americans fail at life). His only release was one of his less-good tracks, which I'm not gonna bother with because I find it annoying and unappealing.

Now the italics are officially over. Right now. ...
now. There we goooo.

Ok, so his most amazing track ever is one called Flash Break. After digging forever, I got a good MP3 of the original. And after even longer digging (and chisseling, blasting, pirate-ship-exploding, and small-child-kidnapping), I got a good MP3 of the new remix of the song by Jean-Tube.

4TrakZ - Flash Break
[Right Click To Download]

4TrakZ - Flash Break (Jean-Tube Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

Sorry I don't have more to say, but it's late, I have songs to write, saxophones to practice, and math homework to finish.

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dutch dolls said...

Kidnapping children for this would be a logical next step, its HOT! Thanks!