Sunday, 15 March 2009

*sniffle* *sniffle*

Today I spent hours working on a piece of artwork for the site.

I spent way too much time for you to steal my work and claim it your own

It's a graph relating the number of daily hits to the number of team members. Why am I acting like a such a creep? Well for the past week, we have maintend more than 15x the amount of hits I received daily before the team. Thanks hypem and Brian for all the help.

And mainly, thank you team. And to think I almost quit blogging :-)

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Champiness said...

A bit late, but... you're welcome for any meager sliver of help I provided. For any assistance I unknowingly gave in the burst of excitement in "OMG I'M A BLOG WRITER". And most of all, thank YOU for not kicking me off the Team after realizing how rarely I post and how barren those posts looked when they did come.