Friday, 13 March 2009

Superfunk, and samples!

Ladies n gents, I'm pleased to say I just found a sample!

Superfunk is a terrific house artist, combining awesome disco samples with the most unlikely of vocal samples. I don't have too much time to say anything, but I think the samples can speak for me. :)

Here's the Superfunk track, Last Dance In Copacabana

Superfunk - Last Dance In Copacabana (Right Click To Download)

The sample of the strings is from a Cerrone song, but I can't remember which, and the original source of my info,, no longer has it's post about this song! Ugh. So if anyone knows that one, please tell me, so I can get myself an MP3.

But to the vocal samples! My family and I are really into old radio shows, or we were... but my dad still loves Jack Benny. Today, he was listening to some Jack Benny recordings on Rhapsody, and on came an episode where Jack Benny was fantasizng that he was on a cruise ship alone with Marilyn Monroe. But for some reason, it kept skipping and looping, and I heard, "Marilyn... give me- Marilyn... give me" and I ran over to the computer. "Dad, dad, stop that for a second! Ok, now play from right about there..." And here is what I heard.

Cool, huh?

Since the show is just too awesome, here's the entire scene. It's not hilarious, but it is certainly enjoyable. Not the best of Jack's work... but I still love it. I own the DVD of the TV version, and he's just great. ^_^

Now wasn't that awesome?


Tyler said...

First off, thank you for posting this track. I absolutely love it! Superfunk is fantastic. But I can't find this release on Discogs D: However, I did find a song called "Last Dance (And I Come Over)" Could that be the name of this track?

prez jordan said...

Superfunk surely fixes my filter house craving

Boba Fettuccini said...

Last Dance At Copacabana is an instrumental track that appears on the album Hold Up.
Last Dance (And I Come Over) is pretty much the same song, with the nightclub interlude removed, and vocals,"And I come over... it's your last chance to get the last daaaance".
Hope that helps clear things up. :)

Tyler said...

Yes! Thanks for that =D