Friday, 27 March 2009

Thrilling Criminals

Im sure everyone in this entire world has at least heard of that fantastic yet contorversial artist that inspired most of today's music, Michael Jackson.

I dont think any introductions are necessary so lets go straight on to the tracks. Since a lot of you have heard some of his tracks, im posting 2 remixes for you.

The first one is a remix of the 1988 hit "Smooth Criminal". Here, the american(s) (couldnt find anywhere if its 1 or more guys) Telemitry puts out an astonishing remix of it.
Telemitry is/are known for their remixes, having remixed Coldplay, Bloc Party and even Rickroll, among others.

This remix starts off simple, with vocal chops and beat, but then a synth emulating the original's melody kicks in. After that, a small buildup, and another synth comes in. The vocals become more present throughout the song.
This remix is a great one, because it keeps most of the original meldy using modern instruments and sounds. I recommend.

Here it is:
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Telemitry Remix) [right click to download]

The second one is the first ever ILICTRONIX EXCLUSIVE! Thats right, you wont find a proper mp3 of this track anywhere. I mean anywhere.
Some time ago, a video of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" came around, but with a different tune. The title said it was Louis La Roche's remix. A lot of people said it was a fake, even though it had that LLR sound. Well, one day, Joe asked the uploader for the mp3 of it. And he got it. It was uploaded, and i managed to get it. But we still werent sure if it was real.

Well, not long after, we got the confirmation. As LLR is a member of the TDC, he decided to end it all. It is real. It was made for a gig at Moda, Lincoln, UK which he made last year, and he asked a friend to upload it on Youtube.
I hate wrongly tagged tracks, and i was very happy when what i got was correct and also happy to know that LLR had the guts to remix the king of pop.

Anyway, now that we got that settled, lets talk about the remix. It starts great from the start, and it builds up to a beat and using lots of elements of the original it just keeps going great. Then, another build up and a laugh and restart.
It keeps evolving until a breakdown where we hear those awesome sentences from the cemetery scene, where the zombies come to life. Build up, and repeat the song before the breakdown.
In conclusion, this is an awesome remix that shouldve been made downloadable sooner . But hey, thats what we're here for.

Anyway, here it is, in 256kbps and not a Youtube rip:
Michael Jackson - Thriller (Louis La Roche Remix) [right click to download] (Ilictronix exclusive)


Fighting for my life inside a killer,


Joe said...
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LLR and thriller are a wicked combo, thanks! Decent quality too! :)

moodmacher said...

thanks man. nice traxx.

daretoeatapeach said...

Pretty sweet. I hope to some day get my hands on the Twelves remix of Thriller but this is almost as good.

prez jordan said...

Alex I love you.


Anonymous said...

Alex, my friend you have some fans.
That track is good...
I hope you show us one of the tracks you've criated... ;)

Anonymous said...

love the pic and love the song

Alive said...


Thanks for the uploads :)

Kyle said...

I need those shoes from that picture. WHAT ARE THOSE?!

ryan said...

yeah, sweet shoes

I can't believe I missed this track. It's so good! Thanks for the up.

Champiness said...

People are now officially attacking this post, now that Michael's died.
98 hits? Damn. I made a post specifically about it and hardly reached that level.

icebergxc said...

That is a sweet track, and nothing spikes your popularity like dying. I've got six mashups of MJ over on my blog and they too are pulling in readers.

Dom Analog said...

the telemitry remix is awesome!

Joe said...

All the blogs seem to be posting this now.